“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
Öznur Soysüren

I have always been fascinated by the COSMETICS WORLD …
In this context, the skin allowed me to deal with different skin types, care and makeup variations and techniques. So I started to examine this sector more closely.
I completed my education on 01.01.2017 as a beautician focusing on medical cosmetic products. Later, I decided to undertake additional training as a non-medical healing practitioner, which I started in February 2018 and still continues today.

I am deeply devoted to specializing in skin care and treatment. In this industry, I attend as many trainings as possible to present the latest applications and techniques to my clients. I always attach great importance to using natural products in my practices and treatments.

In my beauty salon, I use the most modern and top quality equipment and techniques in the care and treatment of my high-quality customers. I always see it as my goal to offer the best service and product quality.

“Welcome to my small but beautiful Beauty and Cosmetics castle. I will be glad to meet you here “.
Öznur Soysüren

“My personal wish is to provide competent and professional treatment to my clients!”

Öznur Soysüren

In the holistic beauty field, only with an adequate and solid knowledge base can a responsible cosmetologist advise and act in the most appropriate way for her clients.

In order to keep up to date with research, technology and application information in the field of medical cosmetics and healing applications, I complete my education and training with leading companies in this sector. A privilege that my customers appreciate.