Alma Lasers ™ Soprano ICE


With Alma Lasers ™ Soprano ICE technology, we now have the solution at hand to offer you a faithful future and help you achieve a better quality of life.
The desire for a well-groomed appearance is increasing in both men and women. The daily fight against unwanted hairiness all over the body is time consuming and annoying.
When have you often been reluctant to throw things off yourself, as hairstyles only make for an unattractive look?

Epilation with the Alma Laser ™ Soprano ICE is almost painless, suitable for all hair, hair and skin types and can even be used on tanned skin. Thus, you can start treatment all year round and achieve impressive results in no time. Because of the different arm parts for application, it is easy to treat the chest, hard-to-reach and sensitive areas of the body, in addition to large areas of the skin such as the back, legs and men.

With the Alma Lasers ™ Soprano ICE, we look forward to a hairless future.



Beauty and wellness are among the biggest mega trends of the 21st century. A healthy and lively appearance, beautiful skin and a firm body structure give everyone – whether male or female – more self-confidence and energy. The innovative BEWEI VITALITY CONCEPT offers the opportunity to shape the body and face – simply and effectively without stress. The number of satisfied customers at more than 180 BEWEI LOUNGES in Europe and Asia have now become enthusiastic fans of BEWEI. Experience the unique BEWEI world and be active against the traces of life time.


  • nasolabial folds, forehead lines, eye lines, frown
  • Wrinkles on the smoker’s upper lip
  • those light wrinkles
  • Sunken eye area, under-eye bags
    sagging skin
  • Hamster cheek, turkey neck
  • Sagging of that jaw contour
  • hands and problem areas

Welcome to your new body!
-Marion Jörgens-
Founder and owner of BEWEI


Best of Beauty

DEYNIQUE’s Anti-Aging principle combines action, nutrition and skin care in an effective symbiosis, which significantly improves the appearance of your skin and allows you to see at a younger age than before you started treatment.

In addition to basic treatments such as acne treatment, masks and massage, there are special methods such as Lifting-Effect, deep cleansing with special products, relaxation of facial muscles with electro-pulse technology and ultrasound fat reduction treatments. With intensive methods, sample Aquabration, pores and impurities of pores are removed from the skin with a jet of water. These are also absorbed so the skin pores are cleared. The result is a clean and radiant face. After this treatment step, the skin is very open to nourishing agents.

As a responsible beauty salon, we prepare a comprehensive and meaningful skin analysis specially prepared for you before the treatment. Thus, we ensure the best tolerability and highest effectiveness of the treatment.
The DEYNIQUE beauty concept includes skin care with long-lasting effects and therapeutic depth.


Cosmetic Mesotherapy

In our SECRET BEAUTY beauty salon we use, among other things, a relatively new “Anti Aging” treatment, MEDEX Cosmetic Mesotherapy, with incredible results.
So forget about Botox, Fillers / Injectables and fruit acids and trust Cosmetic Mesotherapy.

Cosmetic Mesotherapy is the most effective treatment for 100% active substance under the skin. The upper skin barrier is broken so that the five powerful ingredients of 2M MEDEX “Acti-Lift” can fully enhance their effect. In order for the skin to regenerate its own collagen and elastin and reach their optimal state, the skin is stimulated.

After just a few treatments, you will be surprised by the result. We recommend 5 application cures at weekly intervals. To achieve an optimum result, one to two refresher applications per year are sufficient.

Feel firmer, youthful skin and see how it has lightened fine, small wrinkles. Your skin will look radiant and wonderfully nourished.



Gold care products can retain moisture 300 times their own weight. Therefore, a treatment with DEYNIQUE’s gold products is especially valuable for stressed skin exposed to stress.

The 24 Carat micro-fine gold particles have an antibacterial and non-irritating effect, support microcirculation, give tired skin a fresh look and make it more resistant to harmful effects. Delicate shine is created, the skin appears finer and wrinkles are smoothed.

According to scientific studies, gold has the ability to positively affect the body, mind and spirit. In our SECRET BEAUTY Beauty Salon, the color gold is consciously dominant.

This is where strong, energetic harmony areas are created that positively support applied external beauty treatments in the subconscious.
The LAILIQUE gold series produced by DEYNIQUE is particularly suitable for very sensitive skin types and demanding skin.